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Trade fair management

The art of successful trade fair management is establishing customer dialogue before the event begins. Customers should be led to your trade fair booth as if by an invisible thread. Once there, they should be presented with the perfect framework for sustainable trade fair contacts. At Marten Messe Management, we have embodied this art for many years.

With Marten Messe Management, you opt for a professional sparring partner who will tell you whether and how trade fair participation makes sense. This saves you time, money and resources. And provides you with active, organisational support before, during and after the trade fair. We take care of your trade fair presence, allowing you to focus on your core business. Talk to us about modern trade fair management, job sharing and double satisfaction.

Booth construction

We offer premium-quality booth construction that is precisely adapted to your requirements and guaranteed to impress.
Your customised trade fair booth can measure from 1 m2 to 2000 m2 – and anything in between. Thanks to our experience gathered over the course of twenty years, everything we do is perfectly orchestrated.
We are also an authorised dealer of mobile display and modular booth systems, enabling us to construct exclusively made trade fair booths – and we’d be happy to design yours, too.

Planning and implementation

Trade fair concepts: we create the perfect framework for your trade fair presence. From initial ideas about the booth concept through targeting your customers beforehand, all the way to various communication measures at the booth

  • Selection of suitable trade fairs
  • Coordination directly with the event organiser
  • Registration process
  • Placement consultations
  • Customer invitation/visitor management
  • Booth construction planning and coordination
  • Executional support
  • Interactions
  • Post-fair completion
  • and much more

Starting with quote comparison, our support covers all aspects right up to the complete implementation of your trade fair booth. To achieve this, we boast an extensive network of partners in trade fair booth production. Choose your customized service and we’ll do the rest.

Trade fair coaching

In order to achieve the right company presentation at the right trade fair, precise planning, experience and expertise are required. We’d be happy to support you in these areas through individual training directly on your premises. Whether customised trade fair conception, optimal product presentation or special, on-site customer targeting, there are countless options to improve and enhance your presence to guarantee resounding success.

Please call us to arrange a training session: T +49 (0)40 866 279 10

All costs under control

We support you with the professional implementation of your trade fair presence whilst keeping costs firmly under control. This includes quote comparison and assistance before project commencement, as well as a cost overview throughout the project. Our many years of trade fair experience enables us to provide a calculation precisely adapted to your requirements.

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